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Five Estonian summer concerts to keep an eye on
The summer is full of events and concerts in Estonia. If you are visiting the country and only have a limited time, then has made it easier to choose from by listing a number of must-attend ...
Estonia’s e-residency goes global
On May 13, Estonia launched its global e-Residency online application portal at Read more...
The new Estonian government assumed office
The new Estonian government assumed office The Estonian Parliament approved Prime Minister Candidate Taavi Rõivas's new Cabinet on Wednesday, April 8 and the 14 ministers were sworn in and assumed office ...
PICTURES: Northern lights hypnotise Estonians
  A solar storm on Tuesday contributed to a mesmerising display of the aurora borealis, otherwise known as northern lights, across Estonia. Aurora is a natural light display in the sky (from the Latin ...
Estonia becomes a member of the European Space Agency
  The European Space Agency (ESA) welcomed Estonia as its 21st member on 4 February. Anne Sulling, the Estonian minister of foreign trade and entrepreneurship, signed the accession agreement ...
Top 12 most outstanding Estonians in the world 2014
In the run-up to the Estonian Independence Day, Estonian World has taken a look back at the previous year once more and compiled a list of the most outstanding Estonians in the world in 2014. How did ...
Estonia eighth in the world by economic freedom, second in Europe
According to the latest economic freedom index, compiled and published by the Heritage Foundation, a Washington, DC, based think-tank, Estonia has the eighth freest economy in the world, and the second ...
Taxify mobile application expands to the Netherlands
Taxify, an Estonian-founded taxi booking application, is launching in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, in collaboration with Aemstel Taxi. “I am truly happy to finally launch Taxify service ...
Estonian-Georgian movie “Tangerines” nominated for an Oscar!
The Estonian-Georgian movie, “Tangerines” (“Mandariinid” in Estonian), has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category for the 87th Academy Awards. The shortlist of five nominees ...
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